Sliding Window Installation and Replacement

The sliding windows are a unique type of window that is made to open and close by sliding the whole or part of the window in each direction horizontally. They are most like the double hung windows only that, with the sliding windows you simply slide them side to side instead of up and down. Most homeowners prefer this kind of window on the upper portion of walls and for their ease of operation.

Advantages of Sliding Windows

Ideal for Short Walls

​Unlike the double hung or single hung windows which are set and operate up and down, the sliding window operate side to side making them a very good option for short wall homes.

Increased Wall Space

​​​With the short height of sliding windows, you can arrange and lay out all your furniture without the worry of blocking a window or having to move a couch to close a window.


​Sliding windows are very simple to operate. By just sliding the window side to side, you easily open and close them.

Excellent for Front Walkways

​These windows will not obstruct walkways when opened or closed like casement or awning windows.

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Drawbacks of Sliding Windows

Single Movable Section

Most sliding windows only have one section of them move side to side to open and close. This reduces the freedom and flexibility of having all the sections if more than one move and open for better ventilation for instance.

More Difficult to Clean

​​​Unlike double hung windows which fold in for easy cleaning, sliding windows can be removed from the inside however it requires more time and energy. To clean sliding windows the sashes need to be physically lifted up and out of the frames this can be extremely challenging when reaching over furniture or counter tops.

Difficult to Weatherproof

​Due to the side to side operation of this window, the sashes slide in tracks and have been known to retain water during heavy rainfall. This retention of water coupled with extremely sudden temperature shifts can freeze and do damage to your windows frame.

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