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Front Entrance Doors

The very first impression speaks volume about you even without you saying a word and this is what a front entrance door does for you. The good news is that you are in full control of the impression the door makes. It is also very important to note that this door separates the privacy of your home and the outside world. Therefore, there are two fundamental features that you should ensure your front entrance fully satisfies:


A front entrance should offer uncompromising security to your home. Use of automatic alarm systems on the door, strong raw materials and having several locks on it are some of the ways to ensure ultimate security.


Being the first non-verbal impression you make to the outside world, your front entrance door should be beautiful and appealing to the eye. This can be achieved by using different colors and finishes.
Therefore, the best way to get satisfaction from your front entrance door is by first having a full understanding of your personal preferences and what you want other people to think of you just before they enter your home.

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Hinged Patio Doors

Just like the name suggests, these are doors, which are hinged at some point in their structure. This means that it has been attached or joint and it turns and hangs using the hinge. Hinged patio doors are common in most homes. There are two types of hinged doors; the French patio hinged door and the center hinged patio door.

French Hinged Patio Doors

With this door, it is hinged at the sides of the doorway such that it opens and swings both inwardly and outwards. Most of the times, it comes in a double panel structure, allowing you enough space to bring in big things.

Center Hinged Patio Doors

A center hinged patio door is joined or hinged at the center such that, if it is a double panel door structure, only one of them swings to open and close. Unlike the sliding doors, hinged patio doors can comfortably be made of either wood or glass, as they are easy to operate. In addition, due to people’s nature of being reluctant to change, they prefer this more simple and common type of door.

Benefits of Hinged Patio Doors

  • Easy to Operate
  • Glass Doors allow in more natural light
  • Availability of a wide variety of designs and styles
  • The hinges increase the door stability

Sliding Doors

A sliding door is basically a door that opens and closes by sliding it horizontally through built-in tracks. It is a modern design of door from the normal swinging kind of door. The factors that would lead you to consider a sliding door over other types of doors include and are not limited to; the need for more natural light through the door, personal preference, style and operation ease. Mostly, due to the need to make the door easy to pull and slide through, glass is preferred rather than wood. The glass is engineered to suit the strength and stability you want.

Installation of a sliding door is on a cut-to-fit basis, as different doors require different specifications including cutting the tracks frame of the door, which is not necessary for other types of doors. In addition, sliding doors may either be operated manually or automatically using power.

Benefits of Sliding Doors

  • Easy to Operate
  • Decorative home feature
  • Allows in more natural light

Storm Doors

The doors and windows are the most vulnerable and exposed to breakage and destruction when storms and heavy rainfall or snow. As a result, it is important to take precautionary measures to ensure that they are safe.

Storm doors are all-weather doors which may be opening or not and which provide an outer cover or seal of the existing doors. Other than protection from storms, they also act as an insulation cover to the house during winter. Before being installed, however, it is always essential to ensure that there is no condensation on the initial normal door by sealing it properly as the contrary will make the wood frame rot.

Storm doors are made of very strong glass alloys, which give them the strength to withstand the storms. Their significance is that one; they shelter your inner doors at the same time offering more security and two; they help maintain room temperature.