Single Hung Window Installation and Replacement

Single hung windows are sash type windows that open vertically with a fixed top sash. These are widely used by builders as a cost saving measure yet look like a traditional double hung.

Most people while considering buying or build a house, don’t really consider the windows as long as there are some to let natural light in. But one of the most common types of window replacements we do is replacing a single hung with a double hung. This is due to the increased functionality and ease of cleaning not available with a fixed top sash single hung.

Advantages of Single Hung Windows

Low Upfront Cost

Single hung windows are less costly to construct as they have few movable parts and therefore, the purchase cost is slightly lower than that of double hung windows.

Effective Insulator

Some believe, that single hung windows are more effective insulators as compared to double hung windows. This is because one of the sashes is fixed and factory sealed. With it well sealed, you only have to worry about the lower sash in extreme weather seasons.

No Exterior Protrusions

​The windows are installed such that they do not open outward during operation like awning or casement windows. This means that the windows can easily be installed along paths and in high traffic locations without causing any obstructions.

Ease of Use

​​Single hung windows only open half way, allowing you to regulate the airflow in and out the house. As a result, single hung windows are normally large in order to allow enough ventilation into and out of the house, not to mention providing for an emergency exit.

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Drawbacks of Single Hung Windows

More Difficult to Clean than Double Hung Windows

​Having a fixed upper sash makes this window makes it very difficult for a homeowner to clean both the interior and the exterior of the windows from the inside. This is especially problematic with second story windows. This difficulty makes most people reluctant to cleaning single hung windows, as it is extremely challenging. In addition, some of the windows may be high in unreachable places from the outside making it even harder to clean.

Slightly Less Ventilation Options than Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows are only capable of opening one of the window sashes, with the other being fixed.

Not a Good Emergency Exit

Both of the sashes cannot be opened or removed which will complicate the use of this window as an effective emergency exit.

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