Hopper Window Installation and Replacement

Most hoppers are installed in higher places and are relatively small. Just like the casement windows, the hopper windows are hinged but now from below. As a result, they open downwards and inwards into the house. When open, the windows slant upwards preventing dirt and other things to come into the house. Depending on the type of hopper window, it may open by cranking or by the hinge. To hold in the desired position, the windows may have window stays just like the casement windows.

Advantages of Hopper Windows

Excellent Insulation

Just like awning and casement windows, the hopper windows press into the sealed frames when closed ensuring that no air is allowed to pass through. With high-quality glass, it is easy to insulate your home by closing the windows during the extreme cold or hot weather. During installation, the frame should be sealed well and fixed to the wall preventing air movement through the window.


​The hopper windows are mostly small in size and as a result, do not present a security threat to the homeowners. Even when open, it is hard for a person to fit through the window ensuring home security.

Reduced Humidity

​In small places and sections of the house, it is easy for humidity to accumulate. Most of these areas where the hopper windows are used are poorly ventilated due to their locations and sizes. The hopper window, however, allows the moisture to escape when open, reducing the humidity of the place. This helps to keep things in the basement and bathroom from becoming damp, preventing damage and destruction.

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Drawbacks of Hopper Windows

Possible Water Entry

Hopper windows open inwards and downwards creating the risk of having rainwater or other stray water getting into your home.

Don't Go Well With Blinds

​​​​​As the hopper windows generally open downwards and inwards most people do not use blinds to cover these windows, it’s more common to use drapes. They are generally placed towards the top of the ceiling in bathrooms or in basements.

Relatively Expensive

​Window Concepts works with you to pick out the windows you need and a flexible financing package to fit. A garden windows become more expensive in the same way that a bay window would. Both garden and bay windows need a reinforced wall structure to support it. A garden window can also consist of multiple windows, so it can be more expensive than any one of the windows that it consists of.

Poor Emergency Exit

​The hopper windows are most often than not very small in size to allow you to pass through them to safety in case of an emergency such as fire or burglary.

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