Awning Window Installation and Replacement

The unique feature of the awning window is how it opens outwards by swinging. This allows for ventilation easily during a light rain. When open, the windows slant outwards from the bottom and therefore, when the rain pours, it slides down the window to the ground and at the same time ventilating the house. Awning windows are also a common choice for the tops of walls or for privacy purposes.

Awnings are an excellent compliment to casement or double hung windows as well. Awnings are a nice choice above a kitchen sink so you don’t have an obstructed view as normally found in a double hung or sliding window. This open view creates a much more open feel to your kitchen atmosphere.

Advantages of Awning Windows

Weather Resistant Window

​​​Awning windows ability to open with a top hinge helps to keep water away from the house when you feel like propping a window open even during light rain. Unlike a casement window the wind will not pull or put stress on the window joints.


The awning windows are made such that they have no muntins, rails or frames cutting through the windows. The window is fully hinged at the top allowing you a clear full view through the window. A photograph is only as good as the lens through which it is taken and the same applies to the view through a window.

Energy Efficient and Strong Insulator

​​​​Awning windows allow for proper insulation when closed and locked properly. The cold drafty wind in the winter is not allowed inside your home and at the same time, when closed, locks the warmth in. An ENERGY STAR rated awning window is a good option for maximum savings during the summer and winter.

Enhanced Security

​​​Awning windows are commonly placed at the highest parts of the house and as a result, enhancing security. These higher up places of the house are rarely readily accessible from the outside and therefore the windows are lower threats to burglary or unpermited entry into the house.

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Drawbacks of Awning Windows

Potentially Blocking Walking Paths

The fact that the awning windows open outwards, it is important to take great care of where they are placed as they may distract people walking on the outside of the house when opened. This can be a consideration for how and where you place your windows.

Require Regular Cleaning

​​Awning windows are continuously hit by rainwater, roof runoff and other falling particles it obstructs from entering the house and as a result, regular cleaning is required more than for casement windows. With our glass panes coated with our cleanless coating the glass stays cleaner longer. Awnings hinge outwards and require the user to go outside to clean the glass panes.

Not Ideal Emergency Exit

​​The awning windows are normally placed too high such that it would be hard to escape through them in case of an incident inside the house. In addition, they are generally small in size thus, you would really struggle to pass through in the event of an emergency.

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