Shake Vinyl Siding Replacement Cost

Use our guide below to determine if shake vinyl siding is right for your home. Compare strengths and weaknesses of shake vinyl siding, color options, textures, and more.

Shake siding replacement is difficult to cost because it is usually used as decorative features in select areas on the exterior of your home. Call to see if we can help you with your shake siding needs.


Vinyl Shake Siding Installation and Replacement

Shake vinyl siding has been around for decades and despite new products that come into the market, it remains one of the best options for various reasons.

Shake vinyl siding is the perfect enhancer that adds a special character to your homes exterior. There are many colors and textures to choose from which will help coordinate your siding color to either blend with your existing siding or to accent with the introduction of a different color or texture.

Shake vinyl siding is truly a subset of non-insulated vinyl siding.

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