Insulated Vinyl Siding Replacement Cost

Use our guide below to determine if insulated vinyl siding is right for your home. Compare strengths and weaknesses of insulated vinyl siding, color options, textures, and more.

Fully installed insulated vinyl siding replacement can cost as little is $600 per 10-foot section pending the installation details or as much as $1150 per 10-foot section depending on your choice of color, textures, style, efficiency rating, and more.


Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation and Replacement

Insulated Vinyl siding was purposely created to provide additional insulation to your home while still affording the reduced exterior maintenance most homeowners crave. This specially engineered insulated vinyl material creates a wall system unlike any seen before. Our insulated vinyl siding formulation provides color retention not typically seen in vinyl siding industry.

Conventional non-insulated vinyl siding offered reduced maintenance as well as the opportunity to give homeowners a fresh new look to their home’s exterior. However, as energy efficiency became more of a concern, insulated vinyl siding became a much more popular choice as a do it all exterior siding option.

Ask yourself what type of siding you would like to see on your home. We offer long term solutions and remedies experienced by homeowners. Does your siding checklist compare to our engineered insulated vinyl siding?

Advantages of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Maintenance Freedom

Reduce or eliminates the long-term maintenance associated with your current siding including painting, scraping, and staining with our insulated vinyl siding options.

Energy Efficiency

Insulated siding systems offer energy efficiency not associated with traditional vinyl siding. Our bonded laminated poly foam insulated siding systems offer an increased R-value, and reduction of thermal conductivity, keeping your house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. These performance enhancements can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Styles, Colors, and Profiles

Insulated vinyl siding comes in many authentic appearances perfectly mimicking hand-milled grain looks, and other natural appearances.

Noise Reduction

Our bonded laminated poly foam insulated siding systems can reduce noises by up to 45% over traditional vinyl siding.

Durability, Wind Resistance, Color Retention, and Resistance to Cracking

Our proprietary chemical formulation in our specifically engineered insulated vinyl siding systems will keep your home looking fresh longer without fading, cracking, or chalking. This specific formulation also offers 64% greater impact resistance and a wind resistance load up to 160 mph protecting you against blow off.

Labor, Material, and Blow Off Warranty

Your investment is protected by our one-of-a-kind labor and material warranty through the life of your home. This warranty is transferable.

Online Consultation

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Drawbacks of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Finding the Perfect Color Takes Time

Unlike the unlimited color options of paint, our specifically engineered insulated vinyl systems have some color limitations. However, the authentic design, profiles, durability, energy efficiency, and the perfectly coordinated color palettes offered with our insulated vinyl siding system gives your home the gorgeous look you want.

Initial Cost

Due to the proprietary chemical formulation and enhanced long term performance the material used in our insulated vinyl siding system demands a higher price.